In recent years Real Estate Teams have grown in popularity. The traditional individual real estate broker model is quickly transitioning to real estate teams. Why might a home buyer or seller select a team? A well run real estate team offers enhanced value to the consumer. If a home seller is paying a commission they should look for maximum value for their commission dollars. Maximum value is typically defined as a home sale at the best possible terms with the least amount of stress and aggravation. A Team of specialists has the resources to deliver enhanced service and value. Whether in sports or business, high performing individuals working together as a team will outperform an individual. The key to a successful real estate team is the delivery of excellent service and results in a highly efficient and personal manor tailored to the client's unique objectives and priorities. As the real estate business evolves, to meet the increasing demands of experienced and knowledgeable home buyers and sellers, real estate teams will lead the way to a new standard of excellence.