Cherry Creek School District – School Boundary Changes

The Cherry Creek School District continues to evaluate and implement school boundary changes in the southeast portion of the school district.  Specifically, boundary changes will impact Cherokee Trail, Grandview, Eaglecrest and Smoky Hill High Schools.   Homebuyers looking for a home in the Southlands Area particularly just west of E-470 need to be aware of the potential changes and the impact it may have on the high school their children may be attending in the future.

The Cherry Creek School District is currently constructing a new elementary school ( Altitude Elementary School ) on Smoky Hill Road near Blackstone.  A new middle school ( Infinity Middle School ) is also under construction just east of the Tollgate Crossing Community at Belleview Avenue and Harvest Road.  Click on new Cherry Creek Schools for more information.  Both schools are slated for completion by the end of .  Boundary changes relating to the new schools have been announced and can be viewed at on the Cherry Creek School District website.  The construction of the new schools and the related boundary changes are necessitated by the continued growth in the Southlands Area.  The Southlands Area is the last remaining area in the Cherry Creek School District that can accommodate significant growth.

The remaining issue is high school enrollment.  Enrollment at the Cherokee Trails High School is currently in excess of the planned capacity for the building.  The challenge for the school district is the significant cost of building and staffing a new high school.  Total potential high school enrollment in the Southlands Area does not currently justify the construction and staffing of a new high school.   Consequently, the school district is pursuing options to shift enrollment out of Cherokee Trails into other existing high schools.  The neighborhoods immediately impacted by this effort are the neighborhoods west of E-470 that currently feed into Cherokee Trails High School.  The objective is to shift enrollment from these neighborhoods into Grandview and Eaglecrest High Schools.   In many cases this makes sense from geographic perspective. 

Recent growth ( Copperleaf Community ) in the Eaglecrest High School area has resulted in increased enrollment at Eaglecrest.  Consequently, in an effort to backfill existing capacity at Smoky Hill High School to allow for the shift of enrollment in Cherokee Trails into Eaglecrest some neighborhoods currently feeding into Eaglecrest High School will now be feeding into Smoky Hill High School.   This is all in an effort to maximize utilization of current facilities while honoring the high standards of Cherry Creek School District.

The Cherry Creek School District has always honored their commitment to minimize the disruption resulting from necessary school boundary changes.  Consequently, students currently enrolled in the impacted schools will typically be given the option to continue at their current school or change to the new school designated for their neighborhood.  This approach is often extended to families with multiple children currently enrolled in the school district.

For new home buyers in the impacted areas who may desire a particular school it is imperative that they contact the Cherry Creek School District Admissions Office to verify the schools servicing a particular neighborhood.  Realtors as well as the MLS and popular real estate web sites may have outdated information based upon past sales and school boundaries.  During the transition into new school boundaries, children of existing home owners may be attending a different school than children of new home owners in the same neighborhood.  New home buyers in the impacted areas should not assume their children will be attending the same schools as other children in the neighborhood. 

Homeowners and tax payers in the Cherry Creek School District will certainly appreciate the hard work and effort of the Cherry Creek School District to maximize the utilization of current facilities while maintaining the high education standards of the Cherry Creek School District.  In the long run the changes will benefit all homeowners and students in the Cherry Creek School District.  In the short run, however, it is critical home buyers and their Realtors complete their due diligence to avoid surprises later after a home has been purchased. 

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